Will I get seasick?2022-01-20T09:41:15+00:00

Not everyone feels seasick, but for those that do try not to worry, it generally passes. So as to minimise the possibility, effective over the counter medicines can be taken before and during your trip to aid you whilst you gain your sea legs.

Will Clipper Events recruit enough crew to enter a campaign?2022-01-25T20:34:57+00:00

Being a leader in the industry we are confident of recruiting enough crew to fill the spaces on the yachts. However, for each Iconic Race we do have a cut off date, and if the interest isn’t there and we cannot enter a competitive team, we will cancel the event and refund or transfer any monies paid. 

Whats not included in Iconic Race packages?2022-01-25T20:29:58+00:00

If you choose to have meals and drinks ashore and in-port, these will be at your personal cost. 

Accommodation and food during any shore based training weekend

Transport to and from Clipper Events HQ

What steps is Clipper Events taking to reduce its impact?2022-01-25T20:58:50+00:00

We have moved away from printed materials and use digital forms and documents where appropriate.

We start our events from Gunwharf Quays that has good public transport links and encourage guests to arrive via train, bus or ferry.

We request that our catering suppliers do not use single use plastics and source ingredients locally where possible.

We use responsible suppliers for all of our branding and production needs and use recyclable products where possible.

What is included in the cost?2022-01-25T20:46:32+00:00

The cost for your specific event will be detailed accordingly, since each type of event may have slightly different inclusions. You can see what is included in our standard packages here.

What is included in the cost?2022-01-25T20:29:41+00:00

The cost for your specific event will be detailed accordingly since each type of event may have slightly different inclusions.

Generally, the package price will include; your berth fee, your race entry fee, use of technical and safety equipment, on board food and beverage as well as your professional skipper, additional qualified person. We aim to minimise exclusions to ensure you can focus on the important things.

What happens if the weather is bad?2022-01-25T20:45:00+00:00

Our yachts are designed to perform in all conditions, however in the rare occurrence that the weather conditions make the event unsafe, we will work with you to reschedule your event at a mutually convenient time where possible.

What do I need bring and what should I wear?2022-01-25T20:39:06+00:00

We will provide a list of items and clothing that you may need, suited to your specific type of event booking as part of your joining instructions.

It is usually not necessary to buy additional or sailing specific kit. 

Everyone will have use of our Musto technical clothing [wet weather jacket and hi-fit trousers] which has been tried, tested and approved by professional ocean racing sailors who venture to the most extreme places on earth. You will also have use of our personal safety equipment, required while on board.

What are bespoke events?2022-01-20T09:50:11+00:00

Bespoke events are events created by you that don’t fit into our typical categories of Iconic Races and Experiential Sailing Days. Anything goes; from TV adverts, birthday parties, industry regattas anything is possible.

Is there somewhere to refill my water bottle?2022-01-25T21:00:17+00:00

There are refill facilities at most of our shoreside venues and the Clipper Race yachts have fresh water tanks on board so you can also refill your water bottles on board.

Is sailing experience required?2022-01-25T20:42:11+00:00

The amount of sailing experience required depends on which type of event you are planning to participate in. For some of our Iconic Races, experience is a prerequisite, if experience is required, it will be detailed on the event page. 

Is sailing experience required?2022-01-25T20:50:51+00:00

The amount of sailing experience required depends on which type of event you are planning to participate in. For most leadership and team building events and corporate hospitality packages, no prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Is sailing a Covid safe event?2022-01-25T20:51:44+00:00

Clipper Events has conducted a Covid-19 Risk Assessment, and believes that sailing on board Clipper Race yachts is generally a very low risk activity.

Sailing days can be operated with guests being above deck, in the fresh air at all times.

For overnight charters, we have additional parameters in place to mitigate risks as per our Covid-19 Management plan.

Is it safe?2022-01-25T20:28:33+00:00
  • Clipper Ventures plc places the highest importance on safety, working with industry bodies to ensure safe practices and uphold strict safety measures.
  • The professional skipper and first mate on board will lead your team through extensive safety briefings before leaving the dockside to ensure your party is fully aware and familiar with the direction being given to them.
How much do they cost?2022-01-25T21:04:59+00:00

Each bespoke event is designed to respond to your brief and the cost will reflect that. It will be based primarily on the number of yachts/people and the duration of the event.

How are the yachts cleaned?2022-01-25T20:52:20+00:00

Clipper Events is committed to enhanced cleaning on board all its yachts before and after each use.

In addition there is hand sanitiser available for use on board.

Does Clipper Events have a sustainability policy?2022-01-25T20:57:00+00:00

Clipper Ventures, by its very nature, sees first-hand the detrimental impact the modern world has on the world’s oceans and its marine life. Therefore, as a responsible business we are committed to treading the globe with a minimal footprint, helping to improve our planet’s health and investing in a sustainable future.

  • Reduce: We will continually monitor and report on our use of materials, asking ourselves is it needed, can it be responsibly sourced and can it be reused or recycled at end of life? For example, from our yachts to events and our Head Office, we will reduce the consumption of single-use plastics, sourcing sustainable alternatives wherever possible. We will be paperless where possible and if used, paper goods should be FSC certified (or the global equivalent) and all cleaning products should be environmentally friendly.
  • Learn: Environmental learnings and technological advances are continually evolving so we must anticipate and respond to changes that impact our industry. We will both share best practice with and learn from our peers and stakeholders to ensure our sustainability goals are always relevant. The steps taken to reduce our footprint may be big or small but all will contribute to a greener future.
  • Ownership: Being part of a sustainable business is a collective responsibility. All reporting should be transparent to enable everyone from Clipper Ventures to have a share of voice in our sustainability goals. Accountability and ownership at all levels creates change for the good of the company and the environment. As well as looking outwards we are committed to being an equal opportunity employer with an equal pay policy.
Do you offer transatlantic races?2022-02-07T17:35:06+00:00

Not at the moment, however if you fancy racing across an ocean please visit our sister company clipperroundtheworld.com

Do you offer high latitude sailing?2022-02-07T17:36:42+00:00

Not here at Clipper Events, however at our sister company SKIRR Adventures we do, find out more at www.skirradventures.com

Do you have a Covid Management Plan?2022-01-25T20:51:09+00:00

Clipper Ventures has developed a robust Covid management plan and subsequently updated all risk assessments to include Covid-19.

Copies of both documents can be made available on request.

Do my guests and I get actively involved in the sailing?2022-01-25T20:37:44+00:00

Yes, our hope is that everyone will contribute as much as they want and get as much as possible from sailing on board the Clipper Race yachts.

Do I have to be fit to take part?2022-01-25T20:33:34+00:00

Sailing is great for all levels of fitness, however a level of mobility is required to safely move around the yacht. If you are at all concerned about this, please get in touch. 

If you or any of you guests have a medical condition that may impact you/them whilst sailing, please let us know. It won’t necessarily prevent you/them from taking part, we just want to ensure that it is safe for you/them to do so.

All participants will be required to complete a Clipper Events Participant Information form in advance of the event, this will capture any critical information we require.

Can under 18’s participate?2022-01-25T20:37:03+00:00

All participants must be 18 or older on the day of the event.

Can individuals participate?2022-01-25T20:21:22+00:00
  • You can sign up for any of the Iconic Races as an individual or as a team of up to twelve per yacht.
Can individuals charter yachts?2022-01-25T20:40:06+00:00

We cater for business, organisations and private individuals. For a yacht charter, we require a minimum of six guests and the price for the charter remains the same.

Can I bring a guest who is under 18?2022-01-25T20:36:48+00:00

All participants must be 18 or older on the day of the event.

Are your staff vaccinated?2022-01-25T20:54:46+00:00

All Clipper Ventures full time employees and sailing staff are vaccinated.

Are there any limits to Bespoke Events?2022-01-25T21:00:44+00:00

We love a challenge and will gladly consider any idea, the more ambitious the better! Each proposal will considered based on practicality, safety and audience. If we can make it work, we will.

Are there any Covid testing requirements that I should be aware of?2022-01-25T21:01:24+00:00

All Clipper Events staff are required to receive a negative LFT result [Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test] within 24 hours of the day of the event.

All guests will be required to receive a negative LFT result within 24 hours of the day of the event to be able to set sail with us.


Are Iconic Races priced per person or per yacht?2022-01-25T20:41:43+00:00

Depending on the type of event, it may be priced per person or per team/yacht entry. The pricing will be clearly detailed on each individual race page.

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