One Design Sailing Purity

The Clipper 70 is the third generation of one-design Clipper Round the World Yacht Race yachts debuted in the Clipper 2013-14 Race, proving to be faster and more dynamic than previous Clipper Race yachts, breaking speed records of 35 knots.

Our eleven strong 70-foot yachts make up world’s largest matched fleet of ocean racing yachts. Designed by renowned naval architect Tony Castro, they are the shining jewel in the Clipper Race crown and are perfectly adapted for participants with limited sailing experience.

The Clipper 70s design features twin helms, twin rudders, and a six-foot bowsprit, which allows the inclusion of three large asymmetric spinnakers and a suite of Yankee headsails, which combine to increase performance and boat speed in all weather conditions. The design provides total control in the heaviest of conditions, ensuring not only high speeds, but safety too.

  • 11 Clipper 70 Yachts

  • 12 People Per Yacht

  • Dates Available:
    from September 2024

  • Designed for sailing novices and seasoned pros

  • Worlds largest fleet of matched ocean racing yachts

  • 35kts top speed

Yacht suited to all conditions

Great ‘all-rounder’ that performs both on and off the wind.

Ultimate big-boat experience

One the largest racing yachts on the south coast available for participants to actively sail.

Hands on Sailing Purity

Away with furling sails, the Clipper 70 yachts are entirely manual.

Stripped out but effective

Simple but comfortable accommodation and a practical interior layout for all events.

  • Corporate sail day at sunset
Clipper 70 above deck


  • Featuring twin helms for precision steering

  • Central pedestal grinders for powerful sail control

  • Wide open deck spaces for efficient teamwork


  • Fully functional galley set up for all your catering needs

  • Dry accommodation area with ample kit storage

  • Dedicated navigation area for tactical race routing

  • Two on board heads (toilet) compartments.


  • Exhilarating surfs at speeds of up to 35kts

  • Highly effective 95ft spars capable of harnessing the dynamic power of the sails

  • Balanced and controlled helming in all conditions

Yacht Specification

BEAM 18’6 ft 5.65 M
DRAFT  9’10 ft 3 M
SAIL AREA 3,139 ft2 291 M2
MAST HEIGHT 95 ft  29 M
DISPLACEMENT 31.19 tons 31,700 KG
BULB KEEL  11.81 tons  12,000 KG